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AiM Mobile Inspections Customer Testimonial

  I was very hesitant regarding my first purchase from an online vendor for an automobile. I obviously was concerned about all of the pitfalls from such a purchase, not to mention not having the ability to perform my own detailed inspection of the vehicle as I have with all of my other vehicles. I diligently searched for online inspectors both local to the dealer and eventually on a national level. I read a lot of testimonials (such as this) from all over the country where AIM had provided exceptional customer service with extraordinary service within their industry. I contacted AIM, set up an inspection and had tangible results within 48 hours. I am a person who is detail driven and was curious to see if the inspectors report would contain enough information to satisfy my "need to know". I was happy to find that it was. The report was concise, packaged very well and easy to read. There was detailed information about everything that could be remotely considered an "issue". To have this information from a third party, taking it into the deal to be addressed was hugely beneficial. The dealer was even impressed with the inspector and his professionalism. I take my hat off to this organization. I have already recommended their service to my family and friends. Truly great experience!
Jamaal, Texas (1-20-2014)




I reached out to AiM for inspection of a car I was planning on buying. I was in Philadelphia, the car was in Northern NJ. AiM couldn't have been easier to do business with, provided quick turnaround and outstanding customer service. I called Wednesday and had a report in my Inbox by Friday. The report I received was detailed, including pictures of all damage, and gave me the confidence to make the long drive North to purchase the car. The price was entirely reasonable for the quality of the report.The next time I'm seriously thinking about purchasing a car, I'll be calling AiM to look it over before I buy-- it's money well-spent!
Julie, California(3-17-2014)



Thank you, AiM Mobile Inspections, for such a thorough and comprehensive inspection! We knew exactly what the car was going to be because of your inspection! You helped us in deciding whether or not to purchase the vehicle. And the friendly service was speedy. We also appreciate the call from the inspector after the inspection so we could ask any additional questions. Completely worth the charge! Thank you so much!
Matt, Texas (5-25-2014)



I was unable to travel from Washington (state) to Michigan to inspect a '53 Ford Ranch Wagon, and opted to try your inspection service. The former owner told me that the inspection took approx. 2 hours, and was very thorough. My intuition that this was a solid car was backed up by the inspector's report, and I bought the vehicle. I couldn't be more pleased. The car is in excellent condition. Your inspection took the guesswork out of the transaction, and made it possible to purchase the vehicle without reservations. I recommend AIM to anyone searching for a vehicle.
Jim, Michigan(10-25-2013)


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