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AiM Mobile Inspections Customer Testimonial

 I just wanted to let you know that the inspection report and the ability to speak with my inspector was a great experience for the $179 it cost. I was dangerously close to flying to Atlanta (from Boston) to check-out this muscle car, and I would have either: A) spent twice as much money on the flight and been disappointed in person...or B) possibly even naively bought the car for far more money than it's worth and later realized my error. Your company and services are great. [The inspector's] knowledge of muscle cars, and his candor and opinion were a big factor in my decision and speaking with him directly for a few minutes was extremely valuable. I'll definitely be using AIM again as I continue my search.
Jeffrey, Massachusetts (6-7-2012)




I could not be happier that I did this inspection. I am trying to find a car for a family with a terminally ill child. They need a reliable vehicle to get to/from her doctor visits. At first this seemed like it might be a good fit. Clearly after the inspection it was not at all and I think the inspector actually even recommended it as being salvage. I was going to have to drive the car from Virginia to Georgia and I never would've made it. The dealer and even the mechanic said it was fine, but I couldn't be more grateful for your inspector doing a thorough inspection of this vehicle. It wasn't that much money, but the potential ramifications for me traveling in the vehicle and that poor family could've been disastrous. I also really appreciated that the inspector called me after the inspection and gave me an overview. I will definitely use you again. Thank you!
Rebekah, Virginia (6-1-2012)



Thank you, AiM Mobile Inspections, for such a thorough and comprehensive inspection! We knew exactly what the car was going to be because of your inspection! You helped us in deciding whether or not to purchase the vehicle. And the friendly service was speedy. We also appreciate the call from the inspector after the inspection so we could ask any additional questions. Completely worth the charge! Thank you so much!
Matt, Texas (5-25-2012)



I just want to say how great your company and inspector is.  I was buying a 2002 Ford Thunderbird from a dealer in Houston, TX with a clean Carfax. After making the deal your inspector looked at the car within 24 hours and found that the car had been wrecked with his inspection I did not purchase the car, Thanks AiM for saving me over $14,000.00. 
John, Tennessee (3-12-2012)


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